“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris Scerri on three major festivals/series at the Blue Mountain Village. From planning to performing to creative direction. These events were Peak to Shore, a five day festival with over 40 concerts and 20 venues, Canada 150 and Summit Sundays which features a variety show every Sunday evening in July and August with local legends brought together by Chris. All of which included flawless planning and execution, strong creative direction and authentic musical performances which kept our guests dancing all night long. Excited to continue this wonderful working relationship!”

  Victoria Ciampichini, Events Coordinator
Blue Mountain Village Association


"Chris Scerri has provided fantastic opportunities for local musicians to be showcased along with Juno nominated performers on the Meaford Hall stage as well as in and around Meaford.  His band's performances at Meaford Hall have been well attended including Rockin' the Hall and A Tribute to the Last Waltz.  Chris has really enhanced the music scene in Meaford."

Susan Lake, Manager
Meaford Hall Arts and Cultural Centre

Meaford Hall Logo.jpg


“I met Chris Scerri 10 years ago while hosting an open mic night in Port Credit Ontario. Chris was a developing singer/performer and an enthusiastic supporter of live music in the community.  Although Port Credit is a small enclave of Mississauga it supports many live music venues and several large music festivals. Chris quickly became an active and valuable member of this rich music scene.
 After moving to Meaford Ontario Chris saw an opportunity to bring elements of Port Credit’s live music scene to his new community. I believe that Chris’s passion for music, dogged work ethic, broad musical network and strength of character make him uniquely equipped to promote virtually any live music event.
Many moving parts must be synchronized to make live music successful in any venue. Chris has demonstrated a focused understanding of these components. I have been a part of shows he has promoted in theatres, clubs, charity events and festivals. In all of my experiences he has demonstrated professionalism at the highest level.  He has a keen insight into picking appropriate talent for specific events as well and a clear understanding of how to promote that talent in the community.
 My advice to anyone interested in booking any live music event is to just hire Chris, let him handle the details, you can trust him and ultimately that is the most valuable commodity.”

Tom Barlow
4 x Juno Nominee & Canadian Recording Artist


"Chris Scerri makes things happen. I’ve gotten to know Chris over the past year and a half, his passion for music and people is contagious. Working with Chris on numerous projects has been exciting, his dedication and solid work ethic is refreshing. Through hard work and perseverance Chris has helped make Meaford a place where musicians want to come and play. Through open ‘mic’ nights, free concerts in town and big shows at Meaford Hall, professionals, locals and budding young musicians all want to be a part of whats happening in our community.  What he's accomplished in such a short period of time is nothing short of amazing!"

Joanne McKenzie, Director Community Outreach
Meaford Hall & Culture Foundation


"Chris Scerri has added another dimension to the rich cultural life of our community.  In addition to bringing local musicians and friends to perform at Meaford Hall in two highly entertaining concerts, he has introduced informal performances at local eateries and has for the second year, organized and hosted popular outdoor concerts at Market Square.   All this activity certainly is appreciated by local merchants and residents alike as Friday nights throughout the summer have resounded from the sounds of music. Well done, Chris, and thank you for all your efforts."

Barb Clumpus, Mayor
Municipality of Meaford

Meaford logo - Large.jpg

"I met Chris Scerri at the Marsh Street Centre (MSC) when he volunteered his time and talents towards a fundraiser for the worldwide charity “Playing For Change”.  Thanks to Chris and the other musicians that joined us in celebration of music around the world, we raised over $1500 for this important organization.  In early 2017, I contacted Chris to help me put some ideas together for the MSC’s 90th anniversary celebrations in conjunction with Canada’s 150 Birthday. This was a very important event that demanded quality talent with a relatively tight budget. The first person I thought about was Chris Scerri as I know he had some strong connections to Canadian artists based on the shows he had put together for Meaford Hall and other venues in the area. Chris and I met several times and came up with an idea to put a show in place that would cover the various musical styles that had been heard at the MSC over the 90 years as a dancehall. The hope was that we could bring together a group of musicians that could cover tunes from the 1920’s right up to current times. This was a tall order, however Chris took it upon himself to find the appropriate musicians for this important event. With his connections in the Toronto music scene, Chris not only found a group of musicians that could cover the various genres over this wide ranging period, he found artists with Juno award pedigrees who had played with the who’s who of North American bands. From 20’s jazz and swing to 50’s early rock and roll and the current rock standards of the 70’s to 90’s, the band he put together amazed the audience with their professionalism and outstanding talent.  Numerous people including several talented artist in their own right, noted that this was without doubt, the best band that we had ever heard a the MSC over the past 5 years of concerts (over 30 shows). Chris took a near impossible task of covering 90 years of music with one band and made it not only possible but incredible to watch. Chris continues to amaze me with his ability to bring outstanding artists together and has continued to tap into musicians in the local music scene and other Toronto artists to bring together a roster a talent that could satisfy any request. Most importantly, Chris is a real pleasure to work with and is open, honest and creative in his desire to create the perfect experience at a reasonable cost for his clients. I would certainly recommend Chris Scerri to anyone and I would go to him anytime for future events."

Florian Lenders, Past President of the Board
The Marsh St Centre


"I hope you are the right person to receive this email, if not please forward it to whomever is responsible for the fantastic entertainment you provided this summer.  Specifically, the "Summit" band that played on Sunday evenings was our favourite.

This band apparently was created for the Village venue.  They were phenomenal!  In addition they were made up of primarily local talent.  My wife and I missed only one show.  We invited guests to play golf at Monterra, then over for dinner in the Village and then front row seats for the show.  Everyone loved it.  At each performance we noticed more people coming to see the band (word was spreading by the locals)

I sincerely hope that the band will be invited back next year.  Congratulations on a great summer season (in spite of the weather)."

Bob Ruffell

“Glad I was able to catch most of the show last week. Wow!! Powerful wall of vocals, great musicians, the sound was spot on, you guys are the BOMB!!”

 Gil Stuckless
(On the Summit Band’s show, August 20, 2017, Blue Mountain)


"Thanks Chris Scerri for all your hard work and a special thank you to all the musicians!" - Jenn

"What fun!!!!!! Thank you all!!!!!!! - Susan

"A truly incredible evening!" - Joanne

"A fun night!" - Harold

".....and the fun continued over the road in the pub. Great night!" - Steve

"My thoughts this morning over my first cup of tea...Your relentless effort in putting the show together for last nights performance is humbling to me... From the very first phone call you gave me in June to the very second the curtain opened and the band walked on you were there with passion and love for all 9 performers...Not one small discouraging word by all involved was ever spoken in the last 6 months to put this together... I have often said, it comes from the top...I'm sure the board of directors for the Meaford Hall and Culture Foundation are smiling this morning with a PACKED house, it was electric from the moment the band walked on until the end when the whole room was singing Feliz Navadad...Just to add , your appreciation did not stop in the hall, as I went to pay at the bar [were we went for the after party] , you had taken care of everyone's bill, so very classy and respectful, just Wow...I wanted to fly your flag this morning and thank you so much...Well done sir BRAVO...I'm giving you a standing Ovation." - Virgil

"What an incredible evening last night, the Opera House at Meaford Hall was full of great music! Christmas was definitely in the air... Thank you to Tyler, Drew, Gracie, Virgil, Emma, Victoria, Chris Scerri and the band!!! Canadian talent from TO, Collingwood and Meaford. People were singing their way out of the building keeping the spirit of Christmas alive." - Meaford Hall & Culture Foundation

"Chris you have brought life and love to downtown Meaford. Many thanks." - Sparky
"Chris has been instrumental in helping to promote an increased music presence in Meaford, combining local and imported talent." - Julia