Chris Scerri Presents also offers various services for musicians.


Website Design and Maintenance

  Provide a professional website that clearly outlines the important details.

  Bio | Imagery | Video | Events Calendar | Merchandise Sales and Services 


Bio and Content Creation

  Create a biography highlighting the best that every performer has to offer, with either a short and to the point outline, or a longer in-depth and detailed format.

  Add creative content to your website showcasing what you do best!


Photography and Live Video

  Partner with professional photographers and videographers to capture the best possible images and film, adding interactive and live content to your site. 


Please contact us with your request and we can provide you with a free, no-commitment quote for the services you require.


For bookings and inquiries, contact:

Chris Scerri
c. 416-452-3726

Photo credits: Marissa Dolotallas and Trevor Hesselink
Video credits: Marissa Dolotallas

For daily updates on the live music scene in Meaford and surrounding area, visit Meaford Live Music.